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Ruggles Fitness and Training Programs

Soccer is a “multiple sprint sport“ also known as “intermittent” a game at different intensities Agame usually consists of periods of moderate “aerobic” intensity activity (jogging, cruising) or rest (walking and standing), punctuated by brief periods of maximal sprinting “ an-aerobic”. Training should always be designed to mirror the nature and intensity of activities you do during a game. Fitness raining will help you delay the onset of fatigue (burning in your muscles) and help you maintain your performance throughout the match.

At Ruggles Pro FC we offer expert personal training to elevate a player’s fitness that will increase strength, endurance, agility and stamina.

Ruggles Fitness Training program is conducted by Couch Remoun Tadruos  at a rate of $150 per hour.

Fitness and Training Programs

At Ruggles Pro FC we understand that every athletes needs, and goals are different. From General Fitness to to injury conditioning, we work with everyone individually to customize a program that is appropriate for each person.

1. Ftness Training Program
2. Personal Training
3. Weightless Programs
4. Diet & Nutrition Plans
5. Online Fitness Training Program
6. Private Personal Training
7. Travel Private Coaching
8. After Injury Training Program

Meet The Coaches

Head coach: Remoun Tadros

Coach Remoun has over 20 years of goalkeeper coaching experience that includes coaching in many different soccer academies and clubs throughout the US and Abroad. Most recently he is the goalkeeper director of the Ruggles Pro FC first team.

Coach Tados holds a Master Degree in goalkeepers from The USA coaching academy.

Head Goalkeeper Coach:
Remoun Tadros