Ruggles Pro FC
Goalkeeper Academy

Ruggles Pro FC’s Goalkeeper Academy’s goal is to offer technical goalkeeper training in a positive and encouraging environment. Training will be done based on the player’s ability level. Goalkeeper Academy will address technical skills, communication, leadership, bravery, calmness, decision making, etc…

The Ruggles Pro FC Goalkeeper Academy is open to boys and girls ages between 6 and 16 with a fee of $100.

Goalkeeper Academy Essentials

Ball Handling

Catching and handling the ball (becoming more familiar with the ball) and footwork (the key to the save).

Collapse Diving

How to position the hands and catch the ball, the correct body position when attacking the ball and the power that is necessary to make the save when diving.


More catching and handling, however, distribution will also be incorporated such as: throwing (overhand, rolling, side armed) and kicking (punting and drop kicking).

Power Diving

Power diving and shot stopping, even some angle play. This will be similar to collapse diving except the goalkeeper will be getting off the ground a bit more based on their level of play. Anintroduction to angle play will be presented to the goalkeepers.

Timing a Cross

Dealing with crosses, both early and late. Timing is so important especially when under pressure and this will be our focus. Bending the run, proper catching, and organization of backs.

Catching & Handling

More catching and handling, plus footwork (ladder training and banana hurdles for quickness and agility).

Breakaways Breakaways and shot stopping. Staying aggressive and building confidence to make the save.

Final Prep

Last time to train for the season! Small sided games; team handball, goalkeeper wars, 3v3 games, etc. Tons of goalkeeper training!

Meet The Coaches

Head coach: Remoun Tadros

Coach Remoun has over 20 years of goalkeeper coaching experience that includes coaching in many different soccer academies and clubs throughout the US and Abroad. Most recently he is the goalkeeper director of the Ruggles Pro FC first team.

Coach Tados holds a Master Degree in goalkeepers from The USA coaching academy.

Head Goalkeeper Coach:
Remoun Tadros

Assistant Goalkeeper Coach: Yassini Smassim

Coach Yassini has over 15 years a professional Goalkeeper playing at the highest levels for professional teams in the USA and abroad.

And has been both head goalkeeper Coach at many top academies  in USA.

Coach Yassini hold the FIFA Goalkeeper license

Assistant Goalkeeper Coach:
Yassini Smassim